Clinic Tour

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Our entrance is just off Main Street with private parking in our lot and designated parking on the street in front of our facility.


Brandon bones, Hill's Science Diet & Prescription Diet, collars, leashes, treats & nail trimmers adorn our lobby area. 

Lobby Retail Corner

Located near the reception area, we have shampoo, flea & tick products and heartworm preventatives! We also have a full pharmacy located adjacent to the exam rooms. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just ask!

Exam 1

Exam 2


We offer a fully stocked pharmacy for your pet's needs. Occasionally medications will need to be ordered in for your pet's needs, but we are happy to do so! Many medications are only guaranteed when purchased directly from your veterinarian versus purchasing from a third party vendor (such as an online pharmacy) because the manufacturer does not know where they are getting the medications from. Ask us today!

In House Lab Suite

Our full service in house laboratory suite allows us to run many tests in house without having to make you wait for important test results! This is especially important when your pet is sick or critically ill! 

Surgery, Ultrasound & Radiology

A variety of procedures are performed in our surgical suite including routine spays and neuters; as well as, declaws, mass removals, dentals and others. All surgeries are monitored by a veterinary technician with visual, physical and surgical monitoring of blood oxygenation, CO2 levels, respiratory rates, heart rates, and ecg. 

Portable ultrasound is also available for non-invasive needs such as checking for pregnancy or if a pet has bladder stones. More detailed ultrasounds are usually done at a referral center.
We provide in house diagnostic x-rays with the option to have radiographs sent to a board certified radiologist for review for a nominal fee.